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Our mission is to help the people of Wakefield and surrounding areas tell their stories by using the Arts to embolden, uplift, educate and inspire. Why? Because the Arts can heal us and allow us to find creative ways to explore and improve the world around us.

We work with private, local and national funders to create programmes and events around creative expression, with a special emphasis on the performing arts and how they can help us feel seen and be heard.

If you have a project you would like to talk to us about, get in touch now–we’d love to hear from you! 

Latest Projects

Breaking the Mould: The Story of Alice Gostick

Announcing Half a Man

Announcing: Discover the Joy of Performing with Empath’s ‘Our Voices’ Theatre Workshops

Past Projects

Professors G & J

A fun and fast-paced children's story about a hapless professor and her long-suffering steampunk monkey companion.


A collaboration with Hit Like a Girl Theatre speaking out against male perpetrated abuse against women.

Boys Won't Be Boys

Four plays about domestic abuse encouraging men to step up and speak up.


A community crafting experience where we put the emphasis on you and your creative expression -- beginners not just welcome but encouraged!

Art of Power

A brilliant time with Speak Out Go Out members where we co-created performances around creative expression and inclusion.

This Building Tells a Story

A short-turnaround project working with Wakefield Council for the Heritage Action Zone to help members of the public connect with some of Westgate's most interesting buildings!

Our Funders and Creative Partners

What People Are Saying About Empath's Work

“This piece was incredibly moving and raw, the cast have portrayed issues that women face, far too often. It has inspired me and I felt a sense of personal healing, so thank you. I want to see a world where women and girls can feel safe and protected, and for people to be aware of these issues, and to ACT! This piece should be performed in schools to increase prevention and keep our women and girls safe.”
Audience Member, 97%
A play made in partnership with Hit Like a Girl Theatre

Where to Find Us

Our studio is situated at the heart of Wakefield City Centre in Westgate Studios, where we house the Community Costume Emporium, our rehearsal space, and our workshops. 

To contact us:

Tel: 01924 682665

Email: hi@empathaction.org

Company Number: 13701601

Studio A4
Westgate Studios
55 Westgate


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