Empath Action CIC Launches “Creative Connectivity” Workshops to Increase Digital Access for Wakefield Creators

Empath Action CIC is excited to announce a new series of 25 workshops funded by Wakefield Social Digital Inclusion and administered by Wakefield District Age UK. 

These workshops, called Creative Connectivity, will provide digital literacy to diverse groups in the community and cover topics like computer literacy, digital art, filming, video making and editing. 

Empath Action CIC Co-Director Steven Busfield says of the scheme: “We live in a world where content creation is a key way many of us express our creativity and reach beyond our immediate circle of friends. No one should face barriers to pursuing their dream career or exploring their artistic talents because of a lack of access to things like laptops or camera recording gear–and through our Creative Connectivity scheme, we will be helping to reduce those obstacles in the Wakefield District.”

Groups who face digital exclusion in our community include older adults who are approaching retirement age or have already left fulltime employment. Yet, these same adults can have the most to give and gain via sharing their creativity in the digital space–skills like painting, sewing, knitting and more can all be learned and taught through YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites.  

At the same time, social media also provides the chance to build and join communities around those passions, potentially reducing isolation and loneliness – so making sure that our older adults can access and contribute in this sphere can and does have a massive impact on their wellbeing. 

Young people from economically disadvantaged areas who have all the skills and passion to make a mark in the digital space but lack the means to do so also need this provision. So, with the incredible support of this Social Digital Inclusion Grant, Empath will help change that. 

The new Creative Connectivity workshops will include: 

  • Getting started with digital creative tools.

  • Filming your creative work to create tutorials, showreels and more. 

  • Editing and uploading videos.

  • Learning digital painting skills and sharing online.

and more! All workshops will be participant led, with the aim of filling skill gaps in an easy and fun way that can help people express themselves, while also developing transferable skills that can also help in other areas, like pursuing employment. 

The results of these workshops will be showcased online, and at the Summer Artwalks where Empath will run a showcase for people to enjoy these digital creations. The workshops will begin the week commencing April 17. If you would like to learn more about the scheme or would like to be involved, email hi@empathaction.org for all the details.

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