Discover the Joy of Performing with Empath's 'Our Voices' Theatre Workshops

We are thrilled to announce “Our Voices”, Empath’s latest citizen performer project. 

Thanks to funding from the Asda Foundation, Empath is offering a series of 12 theatre workshops starting this April, aimed at helping members of our community over the age of 30 develop their performance skills and foster a sense of community support as we work together to craft small monologue/duologue or performance poetry pieces  to showcase at July’s Artwalk event!

Empath hopes these workshops will provide an opportunity for participants to reconnect with their love of performing or try something new.

“Empath’s ethos is to leverage creativity as a tool for building strong communities that support people whatever their background, identity, or current life situation,” said Steven Busfield, Co-Director of Empath. 

“This series of workshops, generously supported by the Asda Foundation, is designed to give people the chance to reconnect with a love of performance they once had. We are also excited to offer this opportunity to people who may have had a tough time with their mental health, or feel they have a story to tell, and would like to explore their creativity with us as a way of building new relationships, skills and experiences.” 

Dates for the sessions: 

15:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 26/04/2023
25:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 03/05/2023
35:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 10/05/2023
45:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 17/05/2023
55:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 24/05/2023
65:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 07/06/2023
75:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 14/06/2023
85:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 21/06/2023
95:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 28/06/2023
105:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 05/07/2023
115:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 12/07/2023
125:30PM to 7:30PM Wednesday 19/07/2023

You do not have to attend every session! 

The performance date is Wednesday 26th of July from 5PM to 8PM. 

For any questions, or to book your place, email 

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