Growing With Gissing - Wordfest 2023

We had an amazing time on Sunday, May 21 with our  Growing with Gissing Writing and Performance workshops as part of #WordFest.

We helped Make Words Count by guiding our participants as they learned about Thomas Waller Gissing, George Gissing and the entire Gissing family (including a great chat we had about what is known (or not known!) about Margaret Gissing, George’s mother.)
We each wrote pieces inspired by the wonderful Gissing Museum, and then worked on how to perform them clearly by working on our breathing, controlling the clarity of our voice, and trying to make eye contact with our audience!
It was such a lovely day. 
Thank you to Wakefield Council and Wakefield Libraries for allowing us to be part of this year’s #WordFest!


Amazing workshop! Thankyou!
--Workshop Participant
"Wow, what a gem - of a place, a building, of space - educated, rejuvenated, motivated THANK - YOU."
--Workshop Participant
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