How We Help Your Creativity Flourish


We are a team of creatives with publishing, staging and performance experience. With our skills, we are working to empower others to explore their creativity. Below are just a few of the things we offer:

Theatre Productions

We have cultivated a thriving community of actors who have strong educational and life experience. Together, we co-create emotive, powerful and uplifting productions on a variety of topics, from accessible fantastical tales perfect for young audiences, through to more targeted productions on themes like LGBT youth homeless, through to mental health in the workplace.

Got an educational topic you are exploring in your school? A community group that you want to wow with a wonderful theatre production? Or just an empty stage you want to see come to life? We can help!

Theatrecraft Workshops

Empath Action CIC’s techniques for cultivating inclusive theatre workshops can help even the most shy performer find their way to expressing themselves. We particularly encourage older performers in our workshops to reconnect with their voice and tell the stories that matter to them. 

Writing Cauldron Workshops

One of Empath Action CIC’s main goals is to empower others to tell their stories. As a result, we regularly hold writing workshops, poetry workshops, spokenword workshops (perfect for young people!) and story development workshops. Together, we want to help people of all ages feel confident in expressing themselves.

Our writing workshops can be tailored for all ages and experience levels.

Craftorium Crafting Workshops

Our Craftorium hosts a range of crafting workshops every month, all designed to get people crafting and chatting. When we are busy crafting and creating, we can find it so much easier to talk. We provide the supportive atmosphere and safe space. All you have to do is bring yourself and your creativity!
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